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Susquehanna Workforce Network

Strategies and Committees

The Susquehanna Workforce Network creates solutions to address our region's most pressing challenges - jobs and the economy. Through our innovative workforce strategies, we contribute to advancing and growing the competitiveness of our region and creating a better quality of life for businesses, workers, jobseekers.

2013 Strategic Priorities
Our Current Focus

I. OBJECTIVE: Meet the workforce development needs of the business community.

  1. Ensure close coordination with economic development and area business groups.
  2. Evaluate, change, and expand, as needed, the Business Services of the one-stop system.
  3. Promote the services and resources of the one-stop system.
  4. Promote and support out commuters as an economic development tool.

II. OBJECTIVE: Support a workforce development system that produces the best educated and most highly-skilled workforce in Maryland.

  1. Ensure that all youth are prepared for further educational opportunities and entry into careers.
  2. Improve the skill levels of Maryland's current and emerging workforce.
  3. Facilitate the alignment of current and future workforce training needs, programs, and services.
  4. Support and promote the expansion of higher education opportunities in the region.

III. OBJECTIVE: Create and market a labor market system that provides job seekers, incumbent workers, students, out-of-school youth, and businesses with labor market and training information and the assistance they need.

  1. Develop strategies to increase the community awareness of the workforce system's importance and demand for services.
  2. Improve access and awareness to workforce development information and services.
  3. Improve the quality of information about local and regional labor markets, training providers, economic development, and demographic changes.
  4. Remove system barriers necessary to develop the hard and soft skills needed to secure job opportunities.
  5. Provide leadership to raise awareness and enhance life skills and workplace readiness competencies of the region's workforce.

IV. OBJECTIVE: Promote a governance system focused on comprehensive planning, continuous improvement, and accountability.

  1. Establish processes that promote continuous quality improvement.
  2. Maintain a financially sound and fiscally responsible workforce investment system.
  3. Ensure the Workforce Investment Board and organizational structure support the development and promotion of a comprehensive workforce investment system in Cecil and Harford Counties.

2018 Board Committees
Our Board at Work

Economic Competitiveness
Provides insight and information on programs being developed to help train current and future workforce to meet perceived short and long term employment needs of area businesses.

Business Engagement
Ensure close coordination with Economic Development and area businesses; evaluate and expand services as needed; promote resources of system partners.

Maintain a financially sound and fiscally responsible workforce investment system.

Resource, Development, & Advocacy
Increase financial resources for SWN; increasing awareness of agency impact and capabilities; explore resource opportunities.

Youth Committee
Provide recommendations for WIB on youth policy and initiatives.

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