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Education Collaborations

Harford Business Roundtable for Education
Supporting Education and Student Achievement

The Harford Business Roundtable for Education is a coalition of employers with a long term commitment to supporting education reform and improving student achievement in Harford County. Shared membership and representation exists among the Harford Business Roundtable, Susquehanna Workforce Investment Board, Susquehanna Youth Council and SWN staff that result in collaborative efforts which support educational excellence.

Be the voice of business to deliberations that will shape the education of Harford's future workforce and leaders.

  • Keep up-to-date on key educational issues that will impact your current and future business and local economic development.
  • Support the improvement of your local school system and the local community.

HBRT Key Focus Areas

  1. Improve Elementary Education
  2. Increase the availability of Career and Technical Education
  3. Ensure effective use of Physical and People-Power Resources
  4. Promote Higher Education in Harford County


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