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SWN’s collaborative network creates solutions to address pressing challenges in the region – jobs and the economy.  Contributions to SWN’s Workforce Investment Fund advance innovative solutions and strategies that support the growth of our region and create a better quality of life for business, youth and jobseekers.

Youth Programs – Youth programs provide training services, GED opportunities, occupational skill credentials, job fairs and employability workshops to help youth get their careers started.

Job Seeker Services – The region's Workforce Centers staffed by certified trainers and workforce professionals provide valuable programs that enhance employment opportunities and career potential for job seekers.  Employability, Résumé and Job Search Seminars, Career Advising, Job Fairs, occupational training and skill upgrades each advance the career potential and opportunities for jobseekers.

Business Assistance – Our network of experts increase the pool of qualified workers, provide expert advice needed to create a competitive advantage and create access to employment and training tools such as On-the-Job Training, employee training, Workforce Attraction, Retention and Development services that advance economic competitiveness.

Your investment will make a difference. Support SWN’s Workforce Investment Fund and create opportunities that include:

$25 Defray cost of supplies needed for jobseekers to participate in training.
$100 Support costs of GED training, background checks, medical exams, and other screenings required for residents to participate in training and acquire employment opportunities.
$250 Sponsor a business recruiting or workforce attraction event. Support the cost of necessary tools for job seeker employment. Champion a résumé or job seeker seminar.
$1,000 Create a summer job or internship opportunity for youth or an unemployed worker.
$3,000 Provide a scholarship to support occupational training and skills necessary for an unemployed resident to obtain a new career.
$ Other Support SWN’s Workforce Investment fund with a donation amount of your choice.


Your donation is tax deductible; please retain your PayPal receipt for your records.

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