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Jobseeker Services

Whether you've been out of work for awhile or looking to change careers, today's job market is not an easy place to navigate. There is major competition for jobs as employers are looking for specific talent and skill sets. Are you having difficulty understanding and navigating the job market? Our network of workforce experts can provide you with the direction, knowledge and resources to improve your skills and find the right job for you. Let one of our three Workforce Centers help you now, and register at our statewide labor market exchange.

Training and Workshops - Employability workshops in conducting a job search, interviewing, and creating and editing resumes are offered at all three of our Workforce Centers. Specialty workshops such as "How to apply for a Federal job" are provided by certified Federal job presenters. Click here for our Workshop Calendars.

Job Search Services - A variety of valuable job search services activities are provided at the Workforce Centers located in Cecil and Harford Counties. The services include searching safe job databases for current job listings, job search preparation, current job fairs or recruitment events, skill upgrades and occupational training activities and workshops that assist job seekers in identifying their interest, writing resumes, interviewing and utilizing job search tools. Professional staff is available to assist you in refining and organizing your job search.

Job Fairs - Job Fairs are held throughout the year for specific industries and for general industries in the Susquehanna Region (Cecil and Harford Counties). Businesses will also conduct customized recruiting events at the Workforce Centers throughout the year. Click here for upcoming job fairs.

Career Advising - Regional Labor Marketing Information is made available to all job seekers to understand local employment opportunities. Our Employment Specialist will help you discover your interest, identify career options, discover training opportunities to enhance your employability and connect you with workshops and the variety of resources available through the Workforce Centers and our Community Partners to assist you with your career goals and employment opportunities.

Occupational training and skill upgrade opportunities - Trainings are available for customers in need of increasing their skill levels to become competitive in the job market. Employment Specialist assists in developing training plans that can be accessed through a variety of training vendors in the region. These include universities, community colleges, private technical institutions and other training vendors. Financial assistance to support the costs associated with training may be supported through the SWN's resource programs and the training institutions. Often, by packaging these resources, training costs can be fully supported at no or limited costs to the job seeker.

Skill Assessment - Basic skills, career, and re-employability assessments are administered at each Workforce Center. The assessments provide job seekers with an appraisal of their aptitudes, interests and skills.

Federal Employment - Workshops on "How to apply for a Federal job" are offered at each Workforce Center. The application process for Federal employment is explained in great detail by certified Federal employment specialists.

WAGE Connection - The WAGE Connection is a facility operated by the Harford County Department of Social Services. Customers utilizing that facility are the recipient of federal subsidizes such as food stamps or Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA). Susquehanna Workforce Network employees provide work-based training activities, job retention services, and job placement services to TCA recipients.

Links and Resources

Career, Job and Training Information (Websites that will assist with employment issues)
National Employment and Training Portal
Local Salary/Wage Information
Maryland Workforce Exchange

Unemployment Information (Websites that will assist with unemployment questions)
Unemployment Insurance Information for Claimants and Employers

General Workforce Information and Organization (Websites designed to address occupational questions and services)
The Governor's Workforce Investment Board
State of Maryland (including agencies and jobs)
Maryland Dept. of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations
Maryland Division of Workforce Development

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